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Like most women out there I am always on the lookout for the next best Beauty Product which is going to make me look and feel beautiful but not give my bank manager a searing pain in his chest (not to mention the husbands!!)

As trends and spending habits have changed, cosmetic companies have been right alongside the beauty industry giving everyday consumers the chance to buy salon quality products for price which won’t break the bank. Until a year or two ago most of the products we have in our makeup bags were only available if they were given as treatments in a professional salon environment and administered by a qualified therapist.

At the moment, the beauty industry is alight with Eyebrow treatments. HD Brows is a treatment that gives you a professional salon finish look. Most people don’t know this but Eyebrows are the first feature on a face the eye will notice. (I bet your looking at someone’s brows as soon as you see them now!) The brows frame a person’s face, when they are shaped they open the eyelid giving a lifted look. But at the same time what can you do if you don’t have defined eyebrows. To most people the answer would be costly semi-permanent tattoos or the non-permanent HD Brows which last for about 2 weeks costing anything from 30-50 pounds.

Beauty Products

Here is where companies such as Along Came Betty come in. Along Came Betty have released a product called Brwow. A product which can be used every day to give that ‘just walked out of a salon’ look for 6.99. The kit comes with 2 shades, a dark and light brown. A wax to smooth the eyebrow and a powder to set once you have finished. If you think the brow is to dark or you would like to change the shape you just wipe it off. At 6.99 you won’t mind playing with the product until you have a look that is just right for you.

Collection is another brand following a growing trend of longer lasting products releasing a Gel Eyeliner. With one application that lasts a full day, carrying over filled make up bags around is now a thing of the past.

BB Creams are now also a huge trend. Working very much like a tinted moisturizer giving the look of flawless skin, concealing pigmentation, discoloration, acne and other blemishes without the heaviness of a foundation. BB Creams are known to have soothing and skin regenerating properties so much so dermatologists have been using this product to heal scars caused by laser skin surgery. BB Cream is a trend that started in Korea spread to Japan, China, South East Asia and has since made its way to Europe and the USA.

There will always be that next miracle product but at the same time we are lucky to have cosmetic companies who follow the trend and keep on providing us, the consumer with a cost effective product which rivals even the best. Beauty treatments started off to most as a treat. Cosmetic Companies have been able to make these treatments an everyday necessity for everyone.

Imagine Instore Team Climb Snowdon for Charity

Imagine Instore, Paul Humphreys, talks about the teams recent achievement -

Over the recent months I, Dan, Rebecca and Jess have been planning an event in which we could raise money for the charity ‘Against Malaria’, this is a charity whose money buys malaria nets which save the lives of millions of children each year. On the 20th April 2013, Imagine Instore workers, Dan, Rebecca, Jess and myself travelled to Snowdon which is situated in North Wales.

Co-worker Jenny could not attend so packed each of us with a survival kit, which consisted of; an energy drink, a Wispa, a pack of Cheese Puffs, a Tango bar, a Refresher bar and a banana. Without question this was the star of the day and I am sure without it our mission would have failed.

At 9:00AM, we set off climbing Snowdon, of course with Dan dressed as Spiderman!! It was a tough 3 and half hours of climbing; with all of us have breaks to appreciate the landscapes.


As we neared the top we saw plenty of others attempting to reach the summit….even dogs! With Dan promising that there was a Café near the top, I couldn’t wait to reach it, I didn’t find it amusing that it was closed, but hey ho. We made it to the peak at around 12:30, the view was spectacular!!


When we had finished our lunch at the top of Mount Snowdon, we made our way down (I mainly fell down), it took us around 2 and half hours to reach the bottom. We had a great laugh throughout the day and found it exciting that we were doing it for such a great cause, and there are rumours flying around that we may be doing a SKYDIVE next!!

In total we raised over £600 for ‘Against Malaria’ which was incredible; I would like to thank everyone who sponsored us for their contributions.

Danielle Farrell becomes the newest member of Inplace through the apprenticeship scheme

I started working at Inplace Cosmetics in November 2012. This was my first ever job. I knew I always wanted to work within the business admin rob role, but with day to day tasks being based on make-up, what could be better!

I applied for an apprenticeship here but unfortunately I didn’t get it. A month or two down the line I emailed Inplace again, asking if there were any future jobs yet. I was then asked to come into Inplace the following day. I was delighted when Pauline had told me she could offer me an apprenticeship. Finally someone had given me the chance! At the moment I’m the last of the apprentices to come into Inplace and currently Myself, Alex, Paul and Kieran are working toward our NVQ level 3 in business administration.

Within the first week of working here I was starting to pick up on what InPlace are about. Learning about how the company has grown, how many stores they are in contact with and all the services they provide. I didn’t realise so much effort went into us buying make up from the retailers.

My second week of work I was on reception alone for a week. I was shocked that Pauline and Yvonne trusted me to be in charge of reception for the time being so soon after started working here. I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy it. It definitely gave me the confidence boost I needed.

I was nervous when I was started work at Inplace. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in; I was panicking in case I made mistakes and expected to be left to get on with my work alone. I couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone at Inplace does their best to help me, and still do now as I’m still making the odd mistakes. There is a balance of knowing when we can have a joke round whilst we work, and when we need to knuckle down and get things done. I think that’s why we work so well as a small business and get work completed at a high standard.

Now I have had a lot of Experience with processing tester orders, ordering spare parts for store, giving Proof of deliveries and calling stores to book in for cosmetic stand installations, I’m excited yet nervous for when I get my first project or task to do alone. I can’t wait to put my own touch to things and progress with my learning and understandings for everything Inplace cosmetics are involved with.

I hope I am now seen as part of the Inplace team and proven to them that I have a lot to give. My first 3 months here has gone by so fast and I wish to be here in a few years time!


Danielle Farrell

Inplace Cosmetics Merchandiser Jenny Tomlinson talks about her job role, makeup and her love for anything that sparkles

I started working in Inplace Cosmetics in April 2012 after a career change. I started off working on reception in the office. I found this to be invaluable. Learning quickly I got to grips with all aspects of the work Inplace completes, from Tester calls, Maintenance, Parts requests, and general enquiries. I came across the merchandising projects Inplace completes by chance, offering my help when I was having a quiet day! I loved the attention to detail and the wealth of information the merchandising projects were able to give the client in just over a week.

After 13 years being a Beauty Therapist, I have a severe eye for detail and I’m able to go through the merchandiser’s photographs and reports, finding missing parts and problems with the stands etc, making sure these issues are completed. I’m very proud to say because of this I have been given the lovely nick name of ‘Resident Nit Picker’ Thanks Rebecca!!!!

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New Inplace Recruit: Paul’s Blog…

When I first started at Inplace I was quite eager to see what the job entails. The first week breezed by and I was still just picking things up bit by bit. Over the coming weeks I was given responsibilities which I had never really had before. I would like to think that I accomplished these tasks to the fullest of my ability, although I know myself that I’ve made quite a few mistakes. Some due to concentration…some due to the fact that I just didn’t listen.

I have been assigned to the maintenance team, my tasks within this area of the business include; inner acquisition and management, controlling the maintenance call log, including everything from taking the call, getting the correct and necessary information all the way through to planning the job, creating the brief and finally checking the reports and loading photos (and report) onto the database.

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Inplace Cosmetics Managing Director Pauline Williams featured in Liverpool Daily Post

The Liverpool Daily Post recently ran a double page business feature on Inplace Cosmetics.

Interviewing managing director Pauline Williams on running a business for the first time, the companies successes, working with retailers and cosmetic brands and their involvement with the apprenticeship scheme in Wirral.

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Visit to Spring POPAI Seminar

We spent the morning racing from Liverpool’s Lime Street station to London’s Trafalgar Square to hear Beiersdorf’s Victoria Westwood – Shopper Activation & POS Manager – talk through their latest ‘feel closer’ campaign for their NIVEA skincare brand.

This was followed by Comet’s Ashley Judge – Display & Merchandise Manager – talking about achieving profitability in the face of declining footfall.

Aside from the fact that the Tube doors wouldn’t open at London’s Charing Cross station (resulting in Becky having to leap over seated passengers and me nearly taking someone out with my bag!) it was quite a pleasant journey, and we managed to get there on time.

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Mission Inplace Cosmoprof 2012

Having skilfully organised and ‘sync’ed’ the diaries of the ‘big boss’, VIP guests and of course lucky me, mission Inplace Cosmoprof 2012 was finally underway. This task was difficult enough but much graver events where about to take place…

The day started as any other trip abroad, a group of somewhat over excited adults being awake and active at an obscenely early time of day, arriving at the airport we checked in and leisurely strolled to security. It was then the nightmare began to unfold as we struck what can only be described as ‘lengthy’ queues – anyone would think there was a buy one get one free on Lamborghini’s!

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We Are Recruiting Again

Inplace continues to grow and develop with new and exciting opportunities in the world of cosmetic display management. We are busy with stand updates, regular brand promos and estate management for major brands and retailers in the UK. Business is good and as you would expect at times, challenging on a daily basis.

We are pleased therefore to announce that we have recently recruited a new member to the team, Paula Dykes. Paula came from the Wirral Apprenticeship Scheme and is responsible for assisting with the administration required for the day to day services that we provide.

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