Inplace Cosmetics Managing Director Pauline Williams featured in Liverpool Daily Post

The Liverpool Daily Post recently ran a double page business feature on Inplace Cosmetics.

Interviewing managing director Pauline Williams on running a business for the first time, the companies successes, working with retailers and cosmetic brands and their involvement with the apprenticeship scheme in Wirral.

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Visit to Spring POPAI Seminar

We spent the morning racing from Liverpool’s Lime Street station to London’s Trafalgar Square to hear Beiersdorf’s Victoria Westwood – Shopper Activation & POS Manager – talk through their latest ‘feel closer’ campaign for their NIVEA skincare brand.

This was followed by Comet’s Ashley Judge – Display & Merchandise Manager – talking about achieving profitability in the face of declining footfall.

Aside from the fact that the Tube doors wouldn’t open at London’s Charing Cross station (resulting in Becky having to leap over seated passengers and me nearly taking someone out with my bag!) it was quite a pleasant journey, and we managed to get there on time.

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Mission Inplace Cosmoprof 2012

Having skilfully organised and ‘sync’ed’ the diaries of the ‘big boss’, VIP guests and of course lucky me, mission Inplace Cosmoprof 2012 was finally underway. This task was difficult enough but much graver events where about to take place…

The day started as any other trip abroad, a group of somewhat over excited adults being awake and active at an obscenely early time of day, arriving at the airport we checked in and leisurely strolled to security. It was then the nightmare began to unfold as we struck what can only be described as ‘lengthy’ queues – anyone would think there was a buy one get one free on Lamborghini’s!

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New Website is Live!

We are delighted to launch our new company website that offers a clear explanation of what Inplace Cosmetics does and how we can benefit cosmetic brands and retailers within the UK.

We will frequently add new blog and news articles to the site so that our clients can keep up to date with new services we offer and other important industry developments.

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Prestigious Cosmoprof Conference

Cosmoprof is a business to business exhibition reserved for beauty professionals and this year I am so excited that I will attending the event in Bologna, Italy.

Some of world’s most well known brands will be exhibiting their latest products and innovations which will provide Inplace Cosmetics with an industry insight into up and coming products and display management systems.

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Estate Management III Update

We have recently rolled out new improvement to our estate management software that will enable Inplace Cosmetics to offer a more complete and informative service to the services we provide.

EMIII is a reporting tool that is unique to Inplace Cosmetics. It has been custom developed and assists with maintenance requests, spares, installations, rollouts and reporting in general with regards to the day to day operations of the business.

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New Team Member

At Inplace Cosmetics we are continually expanding our business with new contracts and service provisions. Such growth has meant that we have recently recruited a member of staff to the team. Barbara Mallony was brought on board as a hotline and customer service support agent.

Having successfully completed our in-house training programme Barbara has settled in well. She deals with many different customer issues on a regular basis and contributes brilliantly to the team structure.

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