Danielle Farrell becomes the newest member of Inplace through the apprenticeship scheme

I started working at Inplace Cosmetics in November 2012. This was my first ever job. I knew I always wanted to work within the business admin rob role, but with day to day tasks being based on make-up, what could be better!

I applied for an apprenticeship here but unfortunately I didn’t get it. A month or two down the line I emailed Inplace again, asking if there were any future jobs yet. I was then asked to come into Inplace the following day. I was delighted when Pauline had told me she could offer me an apprenticeship. Finally someone had given me the chance! At the moment I’m the last of the apprentices to come into Inplace and currently Myself, Alex, Paul and Kieran are working toward our NVQ level 3 in business administration.

Within the first week of working here I was starting to pick up on what InPlace are about. Learning about how the company has grown, how many stores they are in contact with and all the services they provide. I didn’t realise so much effort went into us buying make up from the retailers.

My second week of work I was on reception alone for a week. I was shocked that Pauline and Yvonne trusted me to be in charge of reception for the time being so soon after started working here. I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy it. It definitely gave me the confidence boost I needed.

I was nervous when I was started work at Inplace. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in; I was panicking in case I made mistakes and expected to be left to get on with my work alone. I couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone at Inplace does their best to help me, and still do now as I’m still making the odd mistakes. There is a balance of knowing when we can have a joke round whilst we work, and when we need to knuckle down and get things done. I think that’s why we work so well as a small business and get work completed at a high standard.

Now I have had a lot of Experience with processing tester orders, ordering spare parts for store, giving Proof of deliveries and calling stores to book in for cosmetic stand installations, I’m excited yet nervous for when I get my first project or task to do alone. I can’t wait to put my own touch to things and progress with my learning and understandings for everything Inplace cosmetics are involved with.

I hope I am now seen as part of the Inplace team and proven to them that I have a lot to give. My first 3 months here has gone by so fast and I wish to be here in a few years time!


Danielle Farrell

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