Imagine Instore Team Climb Snowdon for Charity

Imagine Instore, Paul Humphreys, talks about the teams recent achievement -

Over the recent months I, Dan, Rebecca and Jess have been planning an event in which we could raise money for the charity ‘Against Malaria’, this is a charity whose money buys malaria nets which save the lives of millions of children each year. On the 20th April 2013, Imagine Instore workers, Dan, Rebecca, Jess and myself travelled to Snowdon which is situated in North Wales.

Co-worker Jenny could not attend so packed each of us with a survival kit, which consisted of; an energy drink, a Wispa, a pack of Cheese Puffs, a Tango bar, a Refresher bar and a banana. Without question this was the star of the day and I am sure without it our mission would have failed.

At 9:00AM, we set off climbing Snowdon, of course with Dan dressed as Spiderman!! It was a tough 3 and half hours of climbing; with all of us have breaks to appreciate the landscapes.


As we neared the top we saw plenty of others attempting to reach the summit….even dogs! With Dan promising that there was a Café near the top, I couldn’t wait to reach it, I didn’t find it amusing that it was closed, but hey ho. We made it to the peak at around 12:30, the view was spectacular!!


When we had finished our lunch at the top of Mount Snowdon, we made our way down (I mainly fell down), it took us around 2 and half hours to reach the bottom. We had a great laugh throughout the day and found it exciting that we were doing it for such a great cause, and there are rumours flying around that we may be doing a SKYDIVE next!!

In total we raised over £600 for ‘Against Malaria’ which was incredible; I would like to thank everyone who sponsored us for their contributions.

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