Inplace Cosmetics Merchandiser Jenny Tomlinson talks about her job role, makeup and her love for anything that sparkles

I started working in Inplace Cosmetics in April 2012 after a career change. I started off working on reception in the office. I found this to be invaluable. Learning quickly I got to grips with all aspects of the work Inplace completes, from Tester calls, Maintenance, Parts requests, and general enquiries. I came across the merchandising projects Inplace completes by chance, offering my help when I was having a quiet day! I loved the attention to detail and the wealth of information the merchandising projects were able to give the client in just over a week.

After 13 years being a Beauty Therapist, I have a severe eye for detail and I’m able to go through the merchandiser’s photographs and reports, finding missing parts and problems with the stands etc, making sure these issues are completed. I’m very proud to say because of this I have been given the lovely nick name of ‘Resident Nit Picker’ Thanks Rebecca!!!!

The first merchandising project I completed was with BUK. A family run business with concession stands in Internacionale and Select. Pretty daunting when you have only ‘helped out’ on a project before but I quickly learnt and 153 stores were completed within the designated time frame.

When I was told we would have over 380 stores to complete for the 2nd project with stands not only in Internacionale and Select but also in Superdrug I approached it feeling much more confident. Again we completed the stores within the designated time.

The success of our merchandising projects has also reached other make up companies. When we were approached to merchandise stands for ‘Sleek Make Up’ I was absolutely thrilled. We are currently in the middle of merchandising ‘Sleek’ stands in Superdrug’s nationwide. 259 stores will be completed in just over a week.

Each project that we complete gives me more experience. We have proved our process works. I think Inplace Cosmetics are able to work with any stand, any store and any brand. We are the best at what we do.

I have spent the last 13 years working with cosmetics and trying out the new miracle product. I have a passion for makeup and when it comes to nail varnish, if it sparkles it has to be mine!!!!! I love Barry M Nail polish and I have just recently bought my first Essie Nail Polish which I have to say I am very impressed with!!! I also love Collection 2000 and Too True for their amazing range in eye colors. Every girl has her good old faithful products though. I’m a huge fan of Mac Make up and I use Benefit Mascara for long thick lashes.

I love learning something new every day and at Inplace that is definitely happening!

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