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Like most women out there I am always on the lookout for the next best Beauty Product which is going to make me look and feel beautiful but not give my bank manager a searing pain in his chest (not to mention the husbands!!)

As trends and spending habits have changed, cosmetic companies have been right alongside the beauty industry giving everyday consumers the chance to buy salon quality products for price which won’t break the bank. Until a year or two ago most of the products we have in our makeup bags were only available if they were given as treatments in a professional salon environment and administered by a qualified therapist.

At the moment, the beauty industry is alight with Eyebrow treatments. HD Brows is a treatment that gives you a professional salon finish look. Most people don’t know this but Eyebrows are the first feature on a face the eye will notice. (I bet your looking at someone’s brows as soon as you see them now!) The brows frame a person’s face, when they are shaped they open the eyelid giving a lifted look. But at the same time what can you do if you don’t have defined eyebrows. To most people the answer would be costly semi-permanent tattoos or the non-permanent HD Brows which last for about 2 weeks costing anything from 30-50 pounds.

Beauty Products

Here is where companies such as Along Came Betty come in. Along Came Betty have released a product called Brwow. A product which can be used every day to give that ‘just walked out of a salon’ look for 6.99. The kit comes with 2 shades, a dark and light brown. A wax to smooth the eyebrow and a powder to set once you have finished. If you think the brow is to dark or you would like to change the shape you just wipe it off. At 6.99 you won’t mind playing with the product until you have a look that is just right for you.

Collection is another brand following a growing trend of longer lasting products releasing a Gel Eyeliner. With one application that lasts a full day, carrying over filled make up bags around is now a thing of the past.

BB Creams are now also a huge trend. Working very much like a tinted moisturizer giving the look of flawless skin, concealing pigmentation, discoloration, acne and other blemishes without the heaviness of a foundation. BB Creams are known to have soothing and skin regenerating properties so much so dermatologists have been using this product to heal scars caused by laser skin surgery. BB Cream is a trend that started in Korea spread to Japan, China, South East Asia and has since made its way to Europe and the USA.

There will always be that next miracle product but at the same time we are lucky to have cosmetic companies who follow the trend and keep on providing us, the consumer with a cost effective product which rivals even the best. Beauty treatments started off to most as a treat. Cosmetic Companies have been able to make these treatments an everyday necessity for everyone.

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