New Inplace Recruit: Paul’s Blog…

When I first started at Inplace I was quite eager to see what the job entails. The first week breezed by and I was still just picking things up bit by bit. Over the coming weeks I was given responsibilities which I had never really had before. I would like to think that I accomplished these tasks to the fullest of my ability, although I know myself that I’ve made quite a few mistakes. Some due to concentration…some due to the fact that I just didn’t listen.

I have been assigned to the maintenance team, my tasks within this area of the business include; inner acquisition and management, controlling the maintenance call log, including everything from taking the call, getting the correct and necessary information all the way through to planning the job, creating the brief and finally checking the reports and loading photos (and report) onto the database.

I have also had to learn about the merchandising side of the business to take tester calls and report on parts and POS needed for displays.

The next area I am hoping to learn about is spacing planning and stand design so I can see how the ideas go from paper to real life and seeing the evolution of design to mix aesthetic looks with value engineering to create a unit which pleases the eye and the bank balance.

When I first joined I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in, or if people wouldn’t understand me, but over the 3 months that I have been here I have been welcomed warmly, I have met some great people who are similar to me in many ways and who are on my wavelength.

The laughs that we have alongside working are unbeatable. The hours are great, the work suits me perfect and all in all I am ecstatic that I was chosen. Hopefully I’ll prove to be a vital asset to the team, and be here for a long time…

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