Visit to Spring POPAI Seminar

We spent the morning racing from Liverpool’s Lime Street station to London’s Trafalgar Square to hear Beiersdorf’s Victoria Westwood – Shopper Activation & POS Manager – talk through their latest ‘feel closer’ campaign for their NIVEA skincare brand.

This was followed by Comet’s Ashley Judge – Display & Merchandise Manager – talking about achieving profitability in the face of declining footfall.

Aside from the fact that the Tube doors wouldn’t open at London’s Charing Cross station (resulting in Becky having to leap over seated passengers and me nearly taking someone out with my bag!) it was quite a pleasant journey, and we managed to get there on time.

Upon arrival, we were met by members of the POPAI event team and after a few brief introductions; we were whisked into the presentation suite of London’s swanky Commonwealth Club for all to start.

Both seminars provided us with an insight into their recent retail marketing campaigns and in-store innovations, which we found really useful – especially in relation to some of NIVEA’s through-the-line campaign elements.

It was interesting to hear how they used experiential marketing to connect with their customers and make them take notice of the fact that living in a fast paced modern world, we don’t get up close and personal as much anymore.

They did this by driving people from ATL advertising to in-store POP where they placed interactive photo booths and ‘feel closer’ messaging.

Afterwards, it was a mad dash back for the train, but we made it!

On the way back we managed to grab an M&S meal deal but were fuming to find out that in 1st class (I know what you’re thinking but it was the same price as standard fare) they provide you with food and drink a plenty.

Obviously we’re not au fait with how the other half must live!

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